Hi everyone!

I'm Miriam and welcome to The Brickery! Although I'm only 22 and self taught, I came a long way since the beginning of my bakery journey and I am extremely proud of the confections I produce now. I am honored to mention that the greatest and most impactful teacher I've had is by far YouTube. No joke, I have spent countless hours watching all different types of baking videos, learning new techniques, putting them into practice, and putting my own spin on them. I love experimenting with different color and flavor combos and hope you enjoy my baked goods as much as I do!

Summer is here and we are welcoming special orders!  CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!!!!!


“From delicious cookies to elegant cakes for every occasion, she stands out with her creativity and skills”

-Mark M.

“The Brickery's food is out of this world, her baked goods are sooooo good, makes my mouth water just thinking about it!!”

-Tova M.

“Highly recommend The Brickery's baked goods! This girl can bake😋”


"The Brickery's desserts not only look stunning but taste incredible. Her baked goods leave you wanting more and dreaming about her future creations!"

-Daphna Z.

“From someone with a lot of food allergies, The Brickery was still able to make some delicious desserts that not only look good but taste amazing too!”

-Jesse K.